Panaad 2012

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Holy week is fast approaching! Are you ready to walk around Camiguin? Join the yearly Panaad 2012 and test your resolve by walking the island's scenic 64K.

About a year ago, I already discussed the idea behind Camiguin's Panaad. So instead of boring you with details, I'll share some tips to surviving the walk.

The Challenge

The challenge is simple. Walk around the island, around 64K, at your own pace. There's no gun start, no finish line and no aid stations. It's just you and the road. You're not even required to walk, you can run, ride a bike or take the jeep. Walking is still preferred, though.


The journey is not easy. The first 20K is a walk in the park, the remaining 44 is the real challenge. The sun can be scorchingly hot and since Camiguin has tall mountains,   rains during the heat of summer aren't surprising.

Here are some Panaad survival tips:

Oh. Before I forget, this year's holy week is from April 1 to April 7. I'll be in Camiguin this Holy Week. I won't be walking, though. See you there!

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