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Panaad is a yearly holy week event in Camiguin Island Philippines. The name is derived from the Visayan word “saad” which means “promise”; hence, “Panaad” translates to “To Promise.”

Panaad is scheduled during the Christian Holy Week. Panaad 2011 is scheduled between April 17 (Palm Sunday) and April 24 (Easter Sunday). 

Panaad in Camiguin can be likened to "Panata" events throughout the country. The Camiguin version, however, takes the Holy Week to a personal level. Panaad is a pilgrimage, by foot, around the island. The walk usually starts in Benoni, Mahinog and covers 64 km circumference of the island.

It has become a custom to set a personal goal, referred to as "saad," prior to setting on the walk. Serious participants often have a future goal to drive them to continue on the pilgrimage. It usually includes passing the board exam, completing a project, changing for the better and even considering marriage. The idea of the journey is that if you can conquer the hardships of the 64 km walk, you can conquer any hardships that may come to succeed on your "saad."

Yail Nemit

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