Langojanan Ki Inggoy

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Langojanan ki Inggoy (Inggoy’s swimming place/area) is an outdoor swimming pool located in Sitio Tubod, Sagay. Locals once referred to it as “Tubod” (Visayan word for spring); the same spring where the pool draws water from. It's a great place to cool down after hours in the beach and on the island's road.

The pool is located less than a kilometer from the highway, near the bridge that connects Barangay Agoran and Alangilan. It’s readily accessible by foot or you can hire a scooter or motorcycle (habal-habal) from the center of Sagay.

There is an entrance fee. (Sorry, I can't remember how much it was. Maybe PHP 20.00?).

Yail Nemit

Yail Nemit

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