Katunggan Mangrove Park in Mahinog

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Mahinog's Katunggan Park is a small mangrove forest that has been converted into a viewing area to showcase the black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans). It's probably inspired by the bigger Ibajay Katunggan Eco Park located in Aklan.

Upon entrance into the park, you are greeted with this bit of information about the Black mangrove.

Easily identified by its roots which are specialized to take in oxygen. Roots look like tubular bristles that stick out vertically and trap oxygen for its oxygen-starved root system. These bristles are known as pneumatophores.

I've grown used to seeing these trees. They've also been constantly referenced in ecological documentaries. But I only really stopped, looked and thought of them during my visit to the Katunggan park.

Katunggan Park black mangrove

Getting there

This is one thing you don't have to worry about. Katunggan Park is located right beside the main provincial highway, near the Taguines Lagoon in Mahinog.

North is up. :)

There's only one lagoon in Camiguin and it's near Benoni wharf. The mangrove park is located less than 100 meter south of the lagoon. There's no big marking but you'll know it when you see the mangrove trees.

Things to do

If you're just dropping by the park, there really isn't that much to do. It's a park with a few dozen mangrove trees. There might be plans to further expand it in the coming years. I also saw a lot of young trees planted nearby. I'd love to see them grow into an expansive, lush and well-kept/protected mangrove forest.

Among the most common things I see visitors do is take a lot of photos and it does look like a good place to take selfies or group pics.

Now if you're looking for a place to stay for the night or even a good place to chill and talk with friends over some food, you might want to consider renting either a shed or a treehouse.


Visitors are required to pay an Environment Fee of:

Groups may also rent a shed for PHP 150.00 for 4 hours, and PHP 20.00 for every hour in excess. Finally, you may rent a tree house for an overnight stay. It costs PHP 150.00, with a minimum of four persons and PHP 750.00 for a group of six.


Welcome to Mahinog's Katunggan Park

The drooping branches of old mangroves makes for a perfect natural photo frame
Katunggan Park Mahinog Camiguin
A young mangrove tree.

The tubular roots of the black mangrove against the dark of the dusk make one interesting photo.

Wooden bridge lets you walk across the park safely without damaging the mangrove trees.
Katunggan Park black mangrove trees
Mangrove trees in the park
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