Binangawan Falls

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Binangawan Falls is a one-of-a-kind falls in the heart of the a dense forest situated in the highlands of Sagay Camiguin.

The falls got its name from the Bisayan word for rainbows "bangaw." Binangawan literally translates to "rainbowed"; thus making it a "Rainbowed Falls." And this not far from the truth. Binangawan is so named because of the rainbow that forms when the sunlight hits the gushing ice-cold water.

The knowledge of Binangawan Falls has been limited to the locals and some mountain climbing enthusiasts for a long time. This changed when a paved road was constructed to make it more accessible to tourists. Still, getting to the falls requires hours of walking.

The trek is among the best Camiguin experience you can take. Together with Mt. Vulcan and Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Camiguin has been transformed from an all-beach tourist destination to a complete tropical getaway. 

How to get there

It's now way easier to reach the falls. For good, or bad, the local government have created a concrete road to most of the trail. It will now only take you less than 2 hours to see the falls.

  1. Go to Sagay.
  2. Hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) to take you to and from Binangawan Falls. (The falls is now frequented by tourists so all habal-habal drivers know how to get there.)
  3. The driver will drop you off the entrance to the trail. It will take less than an hour to reach the falls.

Here's the old way to get there...

Reaching the falls used to take hours of trekking. Here's the old guide for posterity.

  1. Go the Bonbon, Sagay Camiguin.
  2. A small dirt road that leads to Binangawan has been cleared. We recommend hiring a local to guide you to falls.
  3. If you're up for the challenge, walk from the road to Malingin, then Binangawan Falls. (It takes around 3-4 hours). But if you're excited and want to see the falls, you can hire a "habal-habal" (motorcycle) to Malingin. 
  4. From Malingin, the walk to Binangawan should take you another hour or two depending on your pace.
  5. Binangawan Falls is hidden in a dense forest and will require you to go down a deep ravine.


  1. Plan ahead of time. 
  2. Wear proper hiking gears.
  3. Be prepared for forest leeches. Binangawan is situated in an almost untouched rainforest; hence, the healthy population of leeches. 
  4. Water is scarce on the way so make sure to bring a few bottles of drinking water. Also bring something to eat. There might be Camiguin raspberries along the way. 
  5. Rain comes without notice so be prepared. 

Reminder: Please don't leave any trash behind.

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