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Binangawan Falls, Pamonglo Spring and peaceful community are some of Sagay's finest treasures.

Sagay Camiguin is one of the five municipalities of Camiguin. It is home to a number of beautiful and hidden tourist spots including the stunning Binangawan Falls

Sagay is famous as Camiguin's squid capital because of the abundant catch of squid in its seas. The tasty dried squid of Sagay is loved delicacy among Camiguinons and tourists. 

One notable landmark of Sagay, Camiguin is the nine-pounder Demi-Culverin British cannon in the town square. This canon has been dated to 1707 and easily identified by the Tudor Rose emblem at its top. Historian suggests that this canon may have been left by British forces who attacked Manila and was brought to Sagay for defending against Moro raiders.

Yail Nemit

Yail Nemit

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