Wild raspberries in Camiguin

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The trek to the awe-inspiring Binangawan Falls in the mountains of Sagay brought surprising fruits. Literraly, fruits. They're red and cute as one describes "little red grenades."

Raspberry is a perennial shrub in many parts of the world. Black, golden, purple and red are the most common colors of raspberries. 

The wild raspberries I saw on my way to Binangawan Falls are the green variety. Incredibly sweet, with a little tinge of sourness, these berries while not really something to fill you up are great in taking your mind off the long walk. 

As I've observe, the near-virgin forest in Binangawan is also home to many orchid species, grass, big ferns and occasional pine trees. How these flora and fauna came here remains a mystery but suggest that the Camiguin Island is a treasure trove of natural resources. 

Yail Nemit

Yail Nemit

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