Camiguin Panaad 2016

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Will you join this year’s Panaad challenge? It’s a 64-kilometer walk around the Camiguin island. There’s no finish line, no uniform, and no rules. Just walk, walk and walk some more until you’re back to where you started.

What is it, really? Panaad (solemn promise) is a self-sacrifice Christians, primarily Catholics, make during Lent. It ranges from giving up meat on Fridays to the infamous crucifixion.

Camiguin’s Panaad is no different. At its core is a religious sacrifice centered around Christ’s suffering. The walk around the island is a promise to self to endure exhaustion, pain, heat and lack of sleep. Today, Panaad has warped into different challenges. Some bike around the island; or climb the stations of Walkway via Crucis. And a few take on the 64-km challenge for the challenge that it is and not for its religious significance.

This year, I’ll walk around the island. The last time I did it was more than 10 years ago. I’ve completed the route 6 out of 8 attempts. This year will be my 9th.

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Yail Nemit

Yail Nemit

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