News Clippings of Hibok-Hibok Explosion

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I found some old news clippings of the Hibok-Hibok explosion. These are three reports by the Chicago Tribune of the volcanic activity of Hibok-Hibok in the years 1948 and 1951.

September 5, 1948: Save 30,000 from Volcano Eruption on Philippine Isle

10,000 More Jam Shore; Wait Rescue

Smoke, Ash Rise 18,000 Feet

Thirty thousand persons have fled by from the volcano raved Isle of Camiguin, and 10,000 others fearfully awaited rescue from its ash clad shores, the Philippines government reported tonight. Some 15,000 persons were believed to be on the parts of the island not endangered by the eruption.

The rescue operation in the sulphurous murk is possibly the greatest of its sort ever recorded. It included a commandered American frater, 17 other ocean going vessels and countless small craft. Refugees presented a major relief problem to towns on near-by Mindanao Island.

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December 5, 1951: Fear Volcano Burrines 2,000; Find 146 Dead

Rescue officials on devastated Camiguin island expressed fears today that 2,000 persons may have perished when Hibok Hibok volcano erupted yesterday without warning.

The known death toll reported by the Philippine Red Cross was 146. he island had a population of 45,000.

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December 7, 1951: Volcano Spews Fiery Rocks in New Eruption

A cascade of red-hot rocks and fiery ash spouted from blazing Hibok Hibok volcano late yesterday to bring new terror and possibly still more casualties to Camiguin island.

It was the fourth major eruption in 57 hours for the mile high volcano dominating the coconut isle in the sea of Mindanao. A yellow blanket of smoke and deadly fumes shrouded the northern end of the island.

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What's interesting in this report is the English translation of Hibok Hibok as "Great Sigh".

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