Camiguin - Jagna, Bohol Ferry Schedules

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TL;DR: As of December 2015, there are no direct ferry trips between Camiguin and Bohol. Should this change, I’ll be sure to update this post and the Getting to Camiguin guides.

I’m currently based in Cebu. Work has been crazy for the past two years that I rarely have time to check emails or update the site’s Facebook page. I did manage to squeeze a couple of days to visit Camiguin and take a lot of photos of top tourist destinations. Cagayan de Oro was also one of my stops during the trip.

While booking some flights back to Cebu, I saw the announcement below on OceanJet’s office.

Sloppy typos aside, the announcement makes it clear that OceanJet no longer has a direct route between Jagna, Bohol and Benoni, Camiguin.

Meanwhile, Super Shuttle Ferry (Asian Marine Transport) may still have trips but I'm not sure as there are limited info available online.

If you have some information on changes or resumption of ferry trips between Bohol and Camiguin, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

Yail Nemit

Yail Nemit

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